Life Goes On… A new life, a new chance: Welcome to the world Summer Grace Awad!

We got a phone call Saturday evening that Summer Grace Awad decided she is not ready to wait until Monday. She was ready to come into this great big world. The newest Awad was born at 11:26 a.m. on Sunday, September 22 – the last day of summer, and my goodness, she is a beauty!

And life goes on. Charlie’s first Awad grand baby. Never thought he would live to see this moment. As he was given 4-5 years in 2004, it is absolutely amazing that he is witness to this great event, and a testimony to the great care team taking care of him. When a cancer patient hears the words ‘you have cancer’ their view of life changes that very instant. From that moment on, they are survivors. He is a such a lucky and blessed man and is so honored to now be ‘Jido’ (grandfather)! Welcome Summer to the family!

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